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Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust implements new digital data centre

Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust has implemented a new, state-of-the-art digital data centre at its Dewsbury and District Hospital, that will help deliver crucial improvements to the trust’s IT-related infrastructure and performance.

The purpose-built facility will house around 300 servers and will store and manage data. It will support the 24/7 operation of a number of digital systems that underpin clinical and non-clinical activities at Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust.

The former data centre located at Dewsbury was no longer fit for purpose, being both outdated and with no potential for expansion due to its location within an existing hospital building.

The new digital data centre offers increased system resilience supporting a safer and more secure service provided by Mid Yorkshire’s digital services department. The trust says it will lead to fewer unplanned outages, as well as a substantial reduction in system downtime.

Mat Ramskill, head of digital platforms, Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust, said: “Digital transformation in healthcare is a key focus for the NHS and for us at Mid Yorkshire. The new digital data centre will support the delivery of this across the trust by enabling us to take full advantage of all appropriate technological opportunities.

“The data centre is essential to ensuring key services and applications are available and efficient 24 hours a day.”

Although many of the benefits of the digital data centre will be realised behind the scenes, the trust believes that it will bring a “significant improvement in the safety of our patients, and the resulting fewer delays and cancellations will improve patient experience.”

Additionally,  increased capacity will allow for the implementation of new technologies to be supported, as well as allow existing services to be developed further.

Kat Poole, associated director of infrastructure, digital, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals, said: “It is vital that we meet the challenge of improving patient outcomes and experience through maximising the potential benefits of new technologies.

“Future-proofing out digital infrastructure with leading-edge support will be crucial to achieving this.”

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