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Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines For Puffiness Under Eyes

Puffiness under the eyes, also called bags under the eyes, is a very common problem. It refers to swelling under the eyes. Depending on the cause of puffiness, it can be accompanied by other symptoms like eye discharge, itchy eyes, watering from eyes, redness of eyes and dry eyes. In some cases, this may occur temporarily for some reasons like excessive salt intake, lack of sleep, excessive crying and over-rubbing of the eyes. Puffiness under the eyes can also be a part of aging as well.

Next, this may also happen due to injury to the eye. Puffiness could also occur due to several medical reasons. First among these are several eye conditions. These include eye infections, stye, conjunctivitis (pink eye), periorbital cellulitis, and tear duct blockage. Stye refers to a painful, red lump located at the edge of the eyelid that is frequently pus-filled. Conjunctivitis refers to inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the transparent membrane that lines the eyelids and eyeball.

Periorbital cellulitis indicates an inflammation and infection of the skin and soft tissue surrounding the eyes. Tear duct blockage refers to partial or complete obstruction in the drainage system of tears from eyes. Another cause behind puffiness can be Grave’s disease. It is an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid gland.  In this condition, there is an increased production of thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism). Yet another cause can be allergies. Eyes may become red along with watering and itching in allergy cases from an over–reaction to allergens such as dust, pollens and molds. Along with this, fluid may accumulate around the eyes that leads to swelling under the eyes. In some cases, a severe allergic reaction may lead to serious condition called anaphylaxis in which the face gets swollen along with other signs including hives (itchy bumps forming on the skin called wheals), swelling of the airways, problems in breathing, wheezing, confusion, fast heart rate, dizziness, a drop in blood pressure and fainting. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency that can turn fatal, so it needs to be treated immediately. Dermatitis could be one other cause behind puffiness under the eyes. Dermatitis is a skin condition characterized by inflamed, dry, red and itchy skin. Besides, puffiness under the eyes may also result from renal, liver or heart diseases that need to be treated carefully.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines are very effective to manage puffiness. These medicines are of natural origin that aid natural recovery with zero side-effects. With its use the problem of bulging skin gradually starts to cure. Along with the puffiness, these medicines also manage any associated signs and symptoms like eye redness, watering from the eyes, itching in the eyes and dryness of the eyes. The homeopathic medicines for puffiness under the eyes are prescribed based on the characteristic symptoms in every individual case. So, it is advised to take any homeopathic medicine under supervision of a homeopath and avoid self–medication. In case puffiness occurs from some serious cause like severe eye infections, some kidney or heart-related problem or anaphylaxis reaction, etc, immediate help from conventional mode of treatment should be sought as homeopathy has its limitation to handle such serious cases.

Homeopathic Medicines For Puffiness Under Eyes

1. Apis Mellifica – Top Grade Medicine

Apis Mellifica tops the list of homeopathic medicines for managing cases of puffiness under the eyes. The lower lids are very much swollen among those who need this medicine. There is a water bag-like swelling under the eyes. The eyelid margins are very red. Burning and stinging pain in the eyes is one of the most prominent accompanying symptoms present. Shooting pain can occur in the eyes. Next, there may be redness of the conjunctiva. Sensitivity to light may also be there. Watering from the eyes can occur which is hot. This medicine is one of the best-suited medicines for managing puffiness of the eyelids in cases of allergies.

 2. Euphrasia – For Puffiness Under Eyes With Excessive Eye Watering

Euphrasia is another highly effective medicine that manages several eye-related concerns. It also works effectively to manage swelling under the eyelids. This is prominently accompanied by excessive watering of the eyes which happens all the time. A burning sensation in the eyes is also marked. Intense itching of the eyelids is also present. There may also occur a sensation of sand or dust-like particles in the eyes. Sometimes sticky mucus flows from the eyes. Cutting pain in the eyes is sometimes felt. The eyelid margins are also red and swollen.

3. Kali Carb – For Swelling Under And Above The Eyes

Kali carb is the next prominent medicine for cases of excessive swelling under the eyes. In cases requiring this medicine, there occurs big bag-like swelling under the eyes. The swelling extends above the eyes as well in most of the cases. There may be pain in the eyes accompanied by eye-watering. The nature of pain is stitching-type. There may be sensitivity to light. Smarting and burning may be felt in the eyes. There can be redness on the edges of the eyelids. The eyelids are swollen and may get stuck together in the morning.

4. Arsenic Album – For Puffiness Under Eyes With Burning In Eyes

This medicine is mainly administered when there is puffiness under the eyes along with an excessive burning sensation in the eyes. It is accompanied by hot watering from the eyes. In most cases, initially, the swelling occurs on the upper eyelids followed by lower eyelids. This makes the eyes sore. The eyelids are red and scaly. An uneasiness is felt on the inner surface of eyelids. This leads to an urge to rub the eyes quite frequently. Sensitivity to light is also experienced.

5. Belladonna – For Puffiness Attended With Redness Of Eyes

This medicine is useful to manage puffiness under the eyes when accompanied by redness of the eyes. Along with this throbbing type of pain is marked in the eyes. At times, shooting and burning sort of pain occurs in the eyes. Eyelids may be sore. The eyelids feel heavy. Additionally, the eyes can be very dry. Sensation as if there is a sand-like particle in the eyes may occur along with above-mentioned complaints.

6. Rhus Tox – For Puffiness Under Eyes And Swelling Of Lids

This medicine helps manage puffiness under the eyes and swelling of the lids. This may be accompanied by itching and burning in the swollen lids. A prickling sensation is also well-marked in the lids.  The eyelids feel heavy and stiff as well. Along with puffiness of the eyelids, one may experience a hot flushed face. Excessive eye watering can be an accompanying factor. Puffiness may also be noticed on the face in some cases needing Rhus Tox. This medicine is also administered when there are styes on the lower eyelids with redness and hardness towards the inner canthus. Pressive type of pain is an accompanying factor.

7. Phosphorus – For Puffiness Under Eyes With Redness Of Face

This medicine is recommended for puffiness under the eyes accompanied by redness of the face. Blue rings around the eyes can occur with this. Itching in the eyes appears with the above-mentioned complaints. Some other attending symptoms that may occur include burning in the eyes, sensitivity to bright light and eye watering.

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