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Lavender is a plant known for its pleasant smell and healing features. Lavender has a long history of being used for curing headaches, nervous disorders, and fungal infections. Some people wonder if can you smoke lavender buds or leaves as you do with Tobacco or cannabis. Well, you can, as smoking Lavender does not make you feel high like weed or Tobacco does. When you smoke Lavender, it would not give you that heady sensation. The critical parts of Lavender are linalool and linalyl acetate, which are responsible for that calming scent. Breathing them in might relax you, but it would not mess with your mind like other smokables. So, while you can indeed smoke Lavender, it is not for the same reasons people smoke other stuff. It is more about the aroma and a touch of relaxation!

What Happens When You Smoke Lavender?

Smoking Lavender can be highly toxic and can result in serious side effects. When inhaled, it contains the chemical linalool, which may cause dizziness, seizures, and rapid heartbeat. In addition, the smoke from burning Lavender has resulted in severe respiratory problems.

Although smokers know about Lavender’s pros and cons, they have trusted lavender oil for hair growth. However, it can cause allergic reactions in some people, and therefore, it is better to ignore Lavender for smoking purposes.

Many individuals have also become victims of suffocation and headaches, after which they have restricted themselves from lavender smoking. However, no research has recorded lavender smoking after events precisely to date.

Is it Safe to Smoke Lavender?

In the first place, smoking is not safe, and similar is the same with dry Lavender. In addition, there is no evidence smoking Lavender has resulted in any significant health benefits either.

Therefore, it is safe to quit smoking. Whether you like the smell of Lavender or are aroused by its attractive purple color, consider using it in healthier terms.

What Research Says On Smoking Lavender

No evidence proves that smoking lavender assures any health benefits. Such activity might allow people to inhale a small amount of lavender essential oil along with smoke, but its health benefits are not scientifically proven. Exposure to smoke and several carcinogens are the main health-related risks of smoking lavender. As compared to tobacco cigarettes, containing harmful chemicals, lavender cigarettes do not contain these additives. However, some analyses of herbal cigarettes have shown that the quantity of carbon monoxide is the same in these cigarettes as in tobacco cigarettes.

Can You smoke Lavender?

Can you smoke dried lavender? You can smoke lavender flowers. People may use lavender flower parts in the smoking process. Sometimes, users may blend lavender flowers with other plants to enhance smoking comfort. In addition, dried Lavender is ground into small, smokable pieces and rolled into cigarettes. However, no nicotine is present in this aromatic flower, so it does not carry any addictive risk.

Mostly, recreational smokers have found a natural alternative in Lavender and other popular smokable herbs for satisfying their cravings. Anyway, be careful; there can be life-threatening consequences from this habit.

Pros and Cons of Smoking Lavender

Following are the smoking lavender pros and cons:


Necessarily, no health benefit is recorded from smoking lavender. Learned healthcare experts mentioned that people may inhale essential oils while smoking, but there is no authenticity.

Although there are various safer ways to use this plant, smoking the same has yet to be considered. Let’s look into safer ways of lavender intake:

  • Lavender essential oil may alleviate sleep, anxiety, and
  • headaches.
  • Its antibacterial properties have the potential to address certain infections.

Lavender uses and benefits are widely accepted. However, its theories and research show no proven health benefits of smoking Lavender.


Unlike Tobacco, smoking lavender side effects have been considered severe. User exposure to carcinogens can bring the worst possible outcomes. Despite being addictive, smoking lavender flowers can make you sick.

Let us look at some of the side effects of smoking Lavender.

  • Harmful Chemicals:A person’s lungs can get exposed to numerous chemicals from smoking Lavender. Furthermore, tobacco and lavender smoke have similar levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Air Pollution: Any smoke can induce air pollution. Your lungs may get unwanted tiny particles and gases. Be alarmed, as lung irritation may lead to pleural effusion and may damage lung functioning over time.
  • Cancer Risk:Lavender flower can be misleading as people may choose it for no nicotine presence. But lung cancer and other respiratory issues can happen to smokers.
  • Allergic Reactions: For some individuals, Lavender can cause allergic reactions. After smoking the same, you may go through skin rashes or discomfort.

Is Lavender Smoking a healthier alternative to Tobacco?

Tons of people are in the dilemma of whether lavender smoking can be used as a healthier alternative to Tobacco or not. In addition, nicotine’s presence is not there in Lavender, which is a little advantageous.

If you are among those who are trying hard to stop tobacco consumption, then herbal cigarettes are best. However, read out the safety measures before adding lavender smoking to your routine.

What Are the Effects of Lavender during Pregnancy?

There is no evidence saying that Lavender is safe during pregnancy. But, research says that pregnant people are advised to stay away from smoking. It can prove harmful for the pregnant woman and her fetus. However, according to NIH, anxiety, and depression in pregnant women are revealed by using lavender.

Speak directly with your healthcare advisor before smoking Lavender or any other substance. Remember your baby should be safe; a slight negligence can cost its life.

Who should avoid smoking Lavender?

The ancient flower Lavender may not be helpful for potential allergens and some other folks. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, stay away from this aromatic plant. Those with respiratory diseases and pre-existing medical conditions must think twice before taking Lavender.

Smoke inhalation may have the worst outcomes for humans. The less, the better for your good.

Can smoking Lavender kill you?

Smoking anything, even an herb, is not good for the lungs. Inhaling smoke, whether from Tobacco or other substances, can cause harm to the respiratory system. The chemicals released during combustion can irritate the lungs, leading to various health issues such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and an increased risk of lung cancer. Additionally, smoking Lavender or other herbs may expose individuals to unknown risks and potential adverse effects on overall health. Further to this, chain smokers may have long-term health effects from smoking Lavender.

Words of Wisdom

This article answers can you smoke lavender? Similar to any tobacco, lavender smoking is believed to pose health threats. Taking it with any herbal product would not make it safer, either. People who are attracted by the smell of Lavender may use it more healthily. This can be done by adding lavender extracts to foods or as incense sticks. From the beginning, a doctor should be contacted to know about the underlying complications of lavender flowers. Your life is meaningful, and so abiding by safety precautions becomes mandatory.

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